Omakere Playcentre was established in 1970 after a group of Mothers saw the need for Early Childhood Education in the area. A committee was formed and they successfully raised enough funds to purchase some basic equipment. Sessions were held weekly on Thursdays at 9.30 am at the Omakere Community Hall.

Sessions were run in the main Hall and equipment was packed up at the end of the session and kept in an old wood shed. The Hall was made more spacious with the addition of a supper room, a room suitable for morning tea!

An additional room was added to the side of the supper room in 2001. It was purposely built for Playcentre, with the aid of the Central Hawke’s Bay Playcentre Association.

Sessions now run on Tuesdays 9.30am – 12.00pm. Our children are involved in painting, playdough, carpentry, collage, outdoor and physical play, science and nature, sand, and water play. The outdoor area is an area of continual development with a fort and slide, Wendy House, carpentry shed and sandpit. We are lucky to have the support of the community as we work to develop and improve our learning area for our children.

We currently have a roll of 22 children and have sixteen families involved in the Centre. We look forward to watching our children grow and develop as they move through our Centre and onto Omakere School.

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