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Summer Sports Information 2023

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Basketball skills with Rob & Tim 

A special thanks to Tu Manawa Fast Fund for providing our students with the opportunity to build on their ball skills and learn more about the game of miniball/basketball. 

CHB Sports Academy Recipients

"Our very warmest congratulations to Zak, Caitlyn, Tommi, Anya and Harry on your selection for the Central Hawkes Bay Sports Academy for 2023 and for representing Omakere School at this high level of sports leadership.  We know this opportunity will enable you to share, extend, and enjoy your passion for sport”.


P R O J E C T E D  O U T C O M E S

Kemu Maori

Last year we received funding from Tu Manawa for funding for Ki o rahi.  This will continue this year.  Thank you to Hogan Hynes for coming to Omakere each Tuesday to share your knowledge and passions with our enthusiastic students!

In the program, they will explore various

kēmu Māori and the skills and lessons

that come with these kēmu. The

tauira (students) will also learn the history and

pūrākau of multiple kēmu. Our hope

with tauira participating in this

program is that they hold onto these

taonga and pass them onto future



Our Physical Education (P.E) focus for the first 6 weeks of term is swimming.  We aim to develop swimming styles as well as teaching some basic safety and survival skills around water.  Some safety skills include; 

Classes will spend up to 30 minutes each day building on their confidence and water skills.


All students succssfully participated in a a whole school tryathlon on Wednesday 8th February.  They swam 4-8 lengths of the pool, biked 5km and some ran1.5km or 4 laps of the field. It was a hot afternoon, but they all did their very best and we were extreemly proud of their efforts!  Thank you to our whanau and helpers who came along to support our tamariki and help make the event successful.  This was the first time we had done this as a whole school, maybe it needs to become a yearly event? 

We appreciate the support from the traffic and a special mention to the farm that is logging trees at the moment who had obviously read the facebook post and told the logging company that we were holding our tryathlon - thank you!!