No Cotton Wool Kids

Homebased Childcare Facility

Hi I’m Alice Bellamy and I run the homebased childcare for preschoolers at the Omakere School house next door to the school. I work with a Hawke’s Bay based company ‘No Cotton Wool Kids’ who support and guide me and my children. Our classroom has no walls we use the natural environments in our local areas. The children and I visit a local area of bush a few times a week for Nature Play. We visit Pourerere Beach regularly and attend the Omakere Playcentre on a Tuesday morning. Getting out and about in our local community creates the link between the home and the service. We have a strong relationship with Omakere School too, attending Friday morning discovery sessions with the junior room and being involved in school activities such as weekly school assembly, annual pet day and many other get togethers. This makes the transition to school much smoother for your children as they start forming relationships with the school, teachers and students from a young age and develop a real sense of belonging within our community.

While at the School House on home days we focus on play with loose parts play which empowers children’s creativity, problem solving, thinking and team work. We focus on building independence, confidence, self esteem and believe that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves. We believe we can, children learn about taking and assessing risks which sets children up with life skills.