It is the policy of the school to expose children to as wide a range of sporting activities as possible.

Annual Sporting Events:-

Omakere/Otane/Elsthorpe swimming                                  February

CHB Primary Schools Swimming Championships                  March

CHB Gymnastics Festival                                                    May

Ripper Rugby                                                                    May

Onga Onga 7-A-Side                                                         August

Barefoot 7’s                                                                      August

Omakere/Otane/Elsthorpe Cross Country                             September

CHB Primary Schools Cross Country Championships             September

Pet Day                                                                            October

Horseshoe Lake Triathlon                                                  Oct/Nov

CHB Primary Schools Cultural Festival/Music Festival             Oct/Nov

Omakere/Otane/Elsthorpe Athletics                                     November

Athletic Sports                                                                  November

3 Pitch Softball                                                                  December