Omakere Community Hall


The image that springs to mind when thinking of the Omakere district is the iconic and majestic Omakere Church Hall. The Hall is a central feature of the district providing church services and a venue for other occasions bringing together and uniting the local community.

The Omakere Church Hall has been a focal point of the Omakere district since the mid 1920s. “A meeting of the residents of the Omakere district was held on 16 May 1924 to establish the Omakere Church Hall Building Committee” (Ballantyne, P & J; 2008). The land, building materials, together with an existing building (that was demolished and the timber re-used) was purchased for £696 with the funds raised by donations from the local people. Today, the Omakere Church Hall is managed by a Hall committee whose origins date back to a public meeting held on 4 December 1933 (Ballantyne, P & J; 2008).

Over the years the Hall has been used for many events and activities. Bachelors and Spinster dances, monthly Women’s Institute meetings, farewells for men departing to World War II, headquarters for the Home Guard,  weddings, school productions, indoor bowls, badminton, Plunket, Playcentre, and after-functions for rugby, netball and cricket games.

The Hall has a functioning kitchen, unisex toilets, wheelchair access, heating and a good supply of chairs and several trestle tables. The Hall itself is a beautifully wooden room with high ceilings, stunning windows with a vestry at the front (that can be closed off). Well kept grounds surround the building which can be hired at a reasonable cost. Enquiries can be made to the Secretary (06) 857 3887.

Calvyn August. (06) 857 3824

Chairman Omakere Hall Committee



Ballantyne, Pam and Jeremy (Compiled and edited);  2008;  The Pourerere Road: A history of Omakere and Tamumu District; Tamumu and Omakere District Historical Trust.